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Demeyere history
Founded in 1908, Demeyere has become over the years a worldwide reference company for the Production of culinary utensils in stainless steel. We are the only brand worldwide that has adjusted its technology to suit different types of products and their individual cooking or frying functions. Demeyere, a company with a long tradition, its own philosophy, a clear vision, and much more… Discover here what Demeyere stands for...
Cooking with Demeyere
Cooking well mainly means mastering a number of basic techniques and using the correct utensils. Demeyere is the only brand worldwide that has adjusted its technology to suit different types of Products and their individual cooking or frying functions. Our pots/pans, soup kettles and sauce pans have another type of technology as that of skillets, conic sauté pans, simmering pots and than woks. Here, the products of Demeyere are organized in accordance with their different applications.

Demeyere 30 Year Limited Guarantee
guarantee (10 years for professional use) Demeyere specialised products are manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality standards. With normal use and minimal maintenance, they will satisfy you for years and years. If in the unlikely event a repair should be necessary, please return this product to the shop where you bought it from.

Professional Cooking: Why Choose Demeyere?
All Demeyere cooking utensils are developed to comply with and compliment the needs of the modern, professional cook. They are manufactured and produced to meet your discerning quality requirements, very functional, efficient and durable. What is the main difference between our products and other manufacturers? For each product, we analyse the typical cooking process and we carefully develop the technological concept that will lead to the best cooking result. This is exactly why using a Demeyere culinary item leads to better results. For the professional chef, we advise the Apollo and Atlantis range. A wide and varied range, specifically adjusted to suit your needs… In addition, Demeyere quality products are the bench-mark for induction cooking.

Product: Apollo
Professional cooking utensils, internationally recognized by many renowned chefs.

Product: Atlantis
Discover luxury, beauty and culinary comfort. Experience ease and functionality. Enjoy the pleasure and the results when cooking with Atlantis.

Product: Mistral
Contemporary and sophisticated. Timeless design combined with state of the art technology.

Product: Resto
The Resto series by Demeyere have a mat finish with a lustrous lid… a beautiful combination. This is the starter series from Demeyere.. quality without frills. 2 year guarantee.