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A Spanish solid managerial group in a constant expansion, leader both in the national and international market whose main objective is to be the home specialist giving solutions to all kind of necessities that could take place in the domestic area.

The continuous innovation, functionality and design are the three main concepts in which our politics of developing products is based. These basic concepts together with a strict quality control and a very attractive image in the selling points make us a market reference.
An established business group in a constant expansion, leader in the national and international market, which consists of the following brands:
Rayen Products
The company was founded more than 45 years ago in the province of Barcelona. Our market experience, near to the quality of our products and a faultless service allows us to enjoy of a large reconnaissance and loyalty in favor of our customers.
The competitiveness of our products, both in the national and international field, guarantees our presence in more than 60 countries. The introduction of our products has been studied in order to get a good situation in the selling points. The packaging design supports the impulse purchase when being identified the utility of the product easily.
Rayen Home Products Categories: Arrangement - Washing & Drying - Ironing - Kitchen - Bathroom - Cleaning

Mery Products
Mery S.A is a Spanish company with more than 45 years on the Domestic Cleaning market.

It is considered as the inventor of the wet mop... In Mery we take care of our brand image to offer appealing products to our customers.

Vitrex Products
Vitrex S.A. was founded in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1956.

We specialize in vitrified enamel applications for the manufacturing of household and industrial products, offering a wide range of solutions.
Algon Products has been specialized in barbecues for more than 30 years; this company is distinguished by its constant innovation both in product design and aesthetics, giving solutions to all users' necessities.

All the structures of the Algon barbecues are made of enameled steel, which makes us different from the rest of the manufacturers due to the high quality and endurance of our products.

The quality, design and functionality of our products, together with an extensive range of solutions place Algon as the leader trademark in its sector.