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The Terraillon Group
Loyal to the avant-garde spirit that interpinned its foundation, Terraillon designs and produces Appliances which for over sixty years, pre-empt consumer requirements in kitchen scales, bathroom Scales, water filtration, baby care, well-being and health products.

Today, an International Group
Exporting to over 80 countries in the 5 continents, Terraillon is the European leader in Bathroom and kitchen scales. The group's international reputation is built on two well-known brands: Terraillon and Hanson.
Innovation, Design and Technology
You can discover Terraillon evolution and its main innovations throughout the years.

Body Fat Analysers
The principle of Terraillon body fat analyzers: a medical method of analysis for all to use. Today, every reason to adopt the concept.

Electronic Bathroom Scales with Memory
Do you ever forget your previous weight, or lose track of the weight you've lost since your last measurements. Terraillon scales remember for you. It's practical and very useful!

Classic Glass Electronic Bathroom Scales
TRENDY designs, a unique material: GLASS. Consumers like to create a feeling of well-being in their bathroom.

Mechanical Bathroom Scales
The family spirit, a value handed down from generation to generation. Traditional character for their decorative touch.

Electronic Kitchen Scales
These are traditional scales par excellence! Terraillon mechanical range is as attractive as ever and all products come with dishwasher proof bowls.

Health Care
Terraillon blood pressure monitors and thermometers are reliable and easy to use. The new range of Tonic aqua spas, daily care for your feet, for unlimited use.

Water Filtration, Terraillon Jugs, the New Trend!
Terraillon filter jugs combine purity of line with fresh and fashionable colors. A highly-efficient filter system, even for nitrates. Sensitive technology.

Petit Terraillon, Childcare Imagined by Mothers for Mother's Comfort
Far more than just another range of products on the childcare market! Wide range to meet the expectations of young present-day parents on the lookout for anything likely to help them take good care of their babies at home. Terraillon has designed and developed essential and innovative appliances under the "petit Terraillon".